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  • Access 700+ 2021 to Feb 2024 Workouts!

    Every month
    Access the 2021 to Feb. 2024 workouts! This gives you access to the "old" app.
    • Access to ALL prior workouts! (Through February 2024)
    • This is the "old" app access/ CB Fitness Pro in app store
    • New app w/ tracking logs, new programming at
    • "new" app is through an app called "Playbook" in app store
    • This was the Custom weekly programming created by Candice
    • 5 or 6 days each week of workouts
    • Month to month, cancel anytime
    • Fun, challenging, and focused programming
    • Cross training style | weights / bands / strength / cardio
    • Workout at the gym, home, or on the go with variations
    • Videos of unique movements linked as needed
  • Barn Access Plan

    Every month
    Custom programming 5 days a week. Digital and in person
    • Custom programming by Candice
    • Monday through Friday: 6, 7:30, and 9 AM scheduled times
    • Flexible / Open gym as needed outside of official class time
    • Join the crew and have fun
    • Variations offered for most skill and fitness levels
    • App + in person access to “The Barn” and all equipment
    • Month to month, cancel anytime
    • Access to all current + prior workouts
  • Wellness Program

    Every month
    CB Fitness Wellness Transformation Program
    • Monthly One on One consultation with Candice
    • Text support from Candice on your health/fitness journey
    • Customized Nutrition and Fitness Plans
    • Expert Guidance and Support
    • Improved Health and Wellness
    • Enhanced Energy and Vitality
    • Weight Loss and Management Tips
    • Accountability and Motivation: weekly feedback with coach
    • Sustainable Lifestyle Changes
    • Access to Exclusive Resources
    • Better Sleep and Reduced Stress
    • Improved Confidence and Self-Esteem
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